Hi, this is my space for Heat Pump selection and analysis while I make progress to go low-carbon in my 1930s detatched house in the south of England, UK.

This is very much an ad-hoc selection of notes so far but you may find some of it useful…

    • HeatPünk - Free web based heat-loss calculator

      If you are looking to do your own heat-loss calculation to compare against 3rd party quotes or do some preliminary research. Then there are many options out there. I would recomend HeatPünk https://heatpunk.co.uk/ is actually a sureprisingly simple tool. Being fully web-based its easy to get setup with a free acount and setup your floor plans in a visual and intuitive manner. I currently have no point of reference to compare but will be looking to get professional heat-loss survey in future to compare. Noteable though is there is much debate over Air Changes/hr which on its own will dramatically affect your heat-loss estimates.

    • Are ASHP datasheets reliable?

      This is an open question of mine, questions the datasheet SCOP figures for many products.

    • Comparison of 5Kw Heat Pumps

      This is a comparison table of all 2024-2025 heat-pump datasheet figures for make+models I am aware of.